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    "Find in DACKS Company the perfect neoprene for the whole family! Feel comfortable in cold waters with our neoprene suits. Get some of the wetsuits from our fantastic high-end selection, in which we combine varieties of long and short wetsuits from the main brands. Discover in Dacks Company men's wetsuits, women's wetsuits and quality boy's wetsuits. Choose your favorite model for the whole family among the best surf brands: Ripcurl, Quiksilver, Hurley or Billabong and enjoy the waves at a good price. Remember that in Dacks Company the shipments are free in 24 hours if you place an order over 30 euros!"
  • Lycras
    "Discover surf and lycra shirts from DACKS COMPANY! Make sure you are comfortable with the top brands of lycra surfer we have selected for you at the best prices: lycra Billabong, Roxy or Quiksilver. Make your new lycra combine with your surf style. Find lycra in black and gray sports, bright colors or floral patterns of different types, whether with long or short sleeves. Get ready with your lycra and receive it at home in 24 hours thanks to our free shipping for orders over 30 euros"
    "Discover the top surf accessories at DACKS COMPANY! We carry everything from the most advanced neoprene suits to the first line accessories for surfing. Lycras is always a very popular item, as they are very versatile for a wide range of conditions. Some of our most reputable surf accessories are ponchos or surfboard covers from brands such as Quiksilver, Ripcurl or Billabong. We also have wax for surfboards, leashes and even changers. Enjoy the best surfing and forget about the rest with DACKS COMPANY SURF ACCESSORIES!"
"Material and equipment for surfing in one click! In Dacks, you will find that ultra-comfortable and elastic NEOPRENE that will allow you to move in the water with total ease and that will also preserve the heat of your body so you do not feel cold. We highlight the Dawn Patrol Neoprenes, and E Bomb by Rip Curl, the Syncro series by Quiksilver, the Hurley Neoprenes, the Revolution series by the Billabong wetsuits, and the surfer girls by the Roxy wetsuits that, in addition to their exceptional quality, have an incredible design In Dacks we also have all the necessary surf accessories so that you get the perfect equipment to practice your favorite sport. Leash surfing, surfing grips, surfboard covers, surfing inventions and everything with exceptional value for money. In our surf catalog, you will find the best brands of accessories on the market such as Dakine or Creature."